Saturday, July 29, 2006

Lucky Dip

Lucky Dip
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As some of you know, my stepdad Chris is a musician and has been most of his life. He mostly plays the blues, and he mostly plays the guitar, and he's good enough at it to have been able to make a living doing it for the last thirty-odd years (although of late he's had to physically do less gigs due to the demands of looking after my mum and his own ahemageahem and health, particularly now they've both had heart attacks). I don't even like the blues, and I'll admit he's good. The steel guitars in particular give me a real headache - but I concede he certainly knows what he's doing. He looks the part too - long grey ponytail, grizzled beard, he can "do" blues.

So much for background.

His preferred local music shop has just moved to premises nearer the house, and today he popped in to have a look, say hello, and pick up some guitar strings. Because of the move they had a "lucky dip" offer, every customer had a go.

Chris got this mug. Click the picture for the big version. In case you're using a screenreader, it is bright yellow and bears the words "I'm Learning Music" in rather wonderfully childish lettering.

The staff at the music shop (when they'd stopped laughing, I presume) were very apologetic, but he proudly brought his mug home and I suspect he will treasure it and show it to everybody who comes to the house.

I think it's fantastic.


Anonymous said...

Not exactly the same thing but my sister took her puppy to a jumble sale (yard sale) to get him a dog bowl, and couldn't choose which one. She told the pup to choose. He nosed around and pushed one out. It had a particular name on it. The name on it was her husband's!

I read your info about yourself. Sorry you've M.E. I've several friends who've got it too and I know from them how tough it is, and how difficult it makes life.

Mary said...

hahaha! That pleases me no end!

It's not really info about myself, it's generic info about the illness I have, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) and those are two very different things.

The profile section was just automatically titled ABOUT ME and I thought, well, the whole site is going to be about me and my life and thoughts, like a big ol' profile, so ABOUT ME is as good a place as any to stick the information about the illness that affects my life so much - and hopefully with it being up near the top of the page, it'll mean I won't have to spend half of each post explaining "I'm not incredibly lazy or a hypochondriac, but after I'd spent most of the day in bed and wincing with pain I did such and such..."

Friends are the best thing a person with ME can have. Especially the few friends who stick around and come to visit even after diagnosis.

clairemichelle23 said...


Getting really worried about Jesse now?

That cup is very cool!

have been reading your blog for fair few months but never commented.

hope you've had a better day

claire x

Mary said...

Claire - yeah, he hasn't posted to his blog in over a month now and I haven't bumped into him on msn either. He was having a rough old time with the chemo but he still popped up occasionally.

It's probably silly in the extreme to be "worried" but I do get a bit... maybe "concerned" would be a better word,when I don't hear from friends for a few weeks. I do hope he's getting on ok.

clairemichelle23 said...

i know, same here. i know he came out of hospital at the beginning of july, think first, maybe beginning of the second week but hasn't been on since :(

sorry to hear your suffering fits, i hope they soon find out what it is and give you some treatment for it,

take care

Mary said...

Chris is an amazing man. He's warm and considerate, he loves my mum to pieces and he makes her happier than I've ever seen her. Plus, he gets on well with me :) there's no one I'd rather have my mum getting married to!