Thursday, November 29, 2007

Access to Work approval

Phone call from AtW. I have been approved for help with transport costs.

The deal is this:

If I was able-bodied, then it would be reasonable to expect me to pay my own petrol or bus fare to get to and from work each day.
So the figure of 25p per mile has been set as the amount that it is reasonable to expect me to pay. This will work out as about £1.50 - £2 each day.
The extra costs above this - the ones incurred due to my disability, as I cannot drive or get the bus as an able-bodied person would - will be met by AtW. So if a taxi charges £2 per mile, then I will pay 25p per mile and AtW will pay the extra £1.75 per mile.

I must pay the taxi each time and I must get a receipt for the amount I pay them, stating the date, where I went to, and where I went from.
I can then submit these receipts, along with a claim form signed by my boss to say that I was at work those days, to AtW on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.
They will then pay their share into my bank account within 7-10 days of recieving the claim form.

So basically I need to get a signature off The Boss every couple of weeks to say that I *did* go to work rather than go shopping.

I need to get quotes from three taxi firms for my transport costs.

Got to go to work now, I may edit this post if I get home and it doesn't make sense.


Naomi J. said...

Are you happy with this? If you aren't happy with the contribution you're asked to make, you should challenge it. I haven't been asked to make any contribution to my own travel because of my low earnings.

Mary said...

I'm perfectly happy. My earnings are low but they're not sub-minimum-wage. If I was able-bodied, I would be expected to cover the reasonable cost of a bus fare or petrol to get to work, no matter what my earnings.

I'm a firm believer in equality. Paying the price of a bus fare for my transport to work puts me on an equal footing with my AB counterparts.

Pushing for what I think of as "advantage rights", trying to get a free ride over and above equality Just Because of disability/gender/ethnicity, seems really unfair to me. Not to mention adding fuel to the fire of the twats who complain that they can't get a job because all the black one-legged lesbians are getting preferential treatment blah blah.

If they'd outright given it to me, said "we will meet 100% of the costs", I wouldn't have contested, I must admit. But this 25p per mile deal falls well within what I would consider reasonable.