Thursday, November 08, 2007

Very quick post

Interview went ok. I don't think I embarassed myself or cocked it up in any especially spectacular way. I'm fairly sure I could do the job - my guess about what's involved was pretty accurate, apparently it's already been being done by someone else for quite some time but now they have a bit more than he can manage on his own.

There were two interviewers - Chris, a fairly young bloke who is the manager, and Maurice, an older bloke who is the owner. They seemed a bit uncertain about how my health would affect my ability to do the job... I was honest about stuff like not being able to go up and down the stairs all day and not being able to spend all day on my feet. They asked about my health in a conversational kind of way ("are you alright with the stairs there?" followed by "so were you in an accident or something?") and I told them in nice, simple, nonspecific terms that a couple of years ago I got loads of viral infections which kind of overloaded my immune system and led to long-term illness to the point where I had to leave work, but that now I am recovered enough to look at part-time work again. I pointed out that I'm getting good at finding ways of doing things and working around the restrictions imposed on me by my illness, and also that I wouldn't say "yes, I can do this/that/the other" if I can't, because I have no interest in making myself more ill again.

They are interviewing two other people, one this afternoon and one tomorrow (Friday) morning. They will contact me on Friday, to say yes, no, or "we need to think about it over the weekend" but they've assured me they will let each of us know either way.

More importantly, the Roomba has arrived, and it is SO cute! It needs to charge for 16 hours, so all we've done with it so far is set up the docking station, pulled the battery tab, and told it to go find home. I pressed the button too long initially so it was about to start the demo and ran off to nibble Steve's shoelaces, but having read the manual I knew how to stop it.

It goes "bloop!" It is so full of cute! I love it!

Tomorrow, it will be charged, and I will play...


Anonymous said...

We have a roomba too. It is very cute the way that it bleeps, especially when you told it to dock, and it's found it's station. It has an 'aren't i clever' bleep!
Good luck with the job.

Mandy said...

Fancy letting your new baby/toy chew shoe laces, What would matron say!!!

Fingers crossed for Friday.

Pandora Caitiff said...

Good luck. And when can we expect Flickr pics of your Roomba?

And have you named it yet?

Anonymous said...

Well done with the interview and fingers crossed for Friday. And aren't you glad you're not in Lowestoft tonight! Hope all your friends and family are safe and dry. The rain in Norwich today has been impressive - like it is during the monsoon in Asia, although not for such long spells.