Friday, November 09, 2007

Job Offer

Got the phone call at lunchtime today, and I have been offered the job.

Amazing. One application, one interview, one job offer. I had been under the impression it wasn't meant to work like that.

The manager asked if I could start Monday but I've said Tuesday because I need to go to the Jobcentre and get all that stuff sorted out.

It's sort of casual to begin with - so if I end up after a week or even an afternoon of it going "owww, eeek, I cannot do this after all" then I can just leave, no harm, no foul, which is good, but does add a little to the nervousness.

I am very excited and nervous. I also have this panic on about how I must get all the housework done in the next two days because once I'm working I won't have the energy any more.

A little bit of help in that direction though - the Roomba is now up and running and as I type, is cleaning the bathroom and landing. Well, the carpets, anyway. It seems to be having fun. I still think it's cute. It is still trying to attack Steve periodically. The cliff-sensor works, so it's not falling down the stairs, but there is one of the bedroom doors that doesn't shut as securely as the others and the Roomba keeps trying to nudge it open.

It seems to put Steve in mind of the Luggage from Discworld - pottering about with homicidal tendencies.

Oh, and from what I hear, my friends and relatives in Lowestoft are all okay. Which is good.


Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

So so so so so pleased for you - I've had my fingers crossed all day (figuratively at least if not in practice) but probably not half as pleased as you are for yourself!!

Mandy said...

Congratulations, that is good news.

Good luck for next week!

The Goldfish said...

I've also been thinking of you today (by the time I read you had the interview, you'd already been and it was too late to wish you luck).

This is excellent news, and the job sounds ideal for your current circumstances. Well done and the very best of luck with next week!

Mary said...

Carie - yes, as Mandy pointed out to me yesterday, knitting with crossed fingers isn't really a Plan.

Goldfish - it has been a bit like that! I hadn't really adjusted to the idea of having sent off my CV and opened myself up to rejection before I had an interview, and then I hadn't got over the adrenalin and stress of an interview before, hey, job offer!

Not that I am complaining in any way, but the pace of life for the last two years, including the pace of my last big project, The Move, would have been more: Apply. Wait two weeks. Offered interview. Still have a week to prepare for interview. Do interview. Spend a week forgetting interview ever happened. Get job offer. Spend a week buying clothes, tying up loose ends, etc. To go from "sending CV" to "start work on Tuesday" in less than a week has been... interesting.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,
Been reading your blog ever since I discovered it via WanderingScribe's blog.
First time I've posted though - just wanted to say congrats, good luck and you know you can hack Roombas!?

Mary said...

Thanks and thanks and thanks.

Yes, I am all too aware that Roombas can be hacked...

For now, it has cleaned the downstairs hallway, the upstairs landing, and one of the bedrooms. The other bedroom, the lounge, and the kitchen, have yet to me made safe in terms of floor-level plastic bags, trailing wires, errant socks and of course the packaging materials for Roomba itself.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting a job so quickly and good luck. I hope it goes really well.

Maggie said...

Hey, congratulations! I wish you the very best of luck with the job. Won't it be loverly to not have to fill in any more IB50! (says she who should be filling one in right now!)

You certainly are going through a lot of changes all of a sudden.

Hugs from rather grey Liverpool