Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Just had a phone call from the manager at the music shop, offering me an interview tomorrow (Thursday) at 9.30am.

Even as my mouth replied in my best telephone manner that yes, that would be marvellous, thank you very much, my brain was whirling on the priorities, namely, that my lovely new Interview Suit Trousers which needed leg-shortening adjustments won't be available until November 15th. I am disturbed by how my brain works sometimes.

I still has jacket, but must bully Steve into taking me shopping for suitable trousers ASAP. It must be the very special sort of shopping that doesn't leave me too knackered for an interview first-thing tomorrow morning.

A little semi-secret... I have never successfully interviewed for a job for myself. All the jobs I've had, from teenage babysitting to telesales to my most recent job before I got sick (helping disabled people into work) were offered to me directly or were promotions/upgrades from what I was doing before.

In mitigation I have only done about three or four interviews in total for myself, but still.

I am trying to keep giving myself all the advice we used to give clients about interview prep and technique. This includes the difficult balance of positive thinking ("of course I will get this job. I am the person they want. All I have to do is Not Cock It Up," and so on) versus not getting so hung-up on it that it is a horribly crushing blow when rejection happens.

But before all that, I really must find some trousers.


Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

Good luck with the trousers and more importantly good luck with the interview. The best tip I ever heard was to recall something positive that you did really well just before you go it - eg finishing your socks - it gives you a glow of confidence apparently. If you can't find the trousers you could always call the repair shop and see if they can rush it through for you - you never know!! All fingers now firmly crossed.

Pandora Caitiff said...

Good luck. And also Carie's advice on confidence sounds good. Try it :)

Mary said...

We found a pair of trousers, but the shopping expedition was ARGH enough for me to think I would perhaps have been better off interviewing in jeans but without having had Extreme Frazzlement less than 24 hours beforehand. Physically I'm still in one piece, but mentally! my self-esteem is in tatters right now. I'm trying to positive-think my way out of it.

I didn't call the repair/alterations shop. Asking them to try and make sure it's done a couple of days earlier than agreed would have been a possibility, but this... "Yes, I know this time yesterday I said your 10-day turnaround was fine, but now something's come up and I'd like those alterations done and ready to go within the next four hours..." no.

erasmus (aka jiva) said...

You'll be fine
please just relax and realize the interview process is both ways. its to check if they are suitable for you too. This level headed approach is how I would attempt it.
good luck

Mandy said...

Good luck Mary, I'll be thinking of you. Just be yourself, relax and smile. You'll be fine. :)

Mary said...

Level headed, ahahahahahahaha, good one.