Tuesday, November 13, 2007

First Day - short version

There may or may not be a longer version at some point but right now, I'm too shattered to do a proper post.

Major cock-ups - zero
Minor cock-ups - a couple of "doh" moments but I don't think I *really* embarassed myself.
Pain levels - high
Bewilderment - 68%
Tiredness - exhausted
Co-workers - lovely
Specific co-worker who I will be working with all the time - very lovely, could not have imagined better. He's looking out for me without fussing, he's being patient without being patronising, and just seems like a really friendly guy.
Transport - still not sorted
Clothing - hurrah, I can wear flat shoes and comfy clothes

All in all, I'm a bit dead, but not nearly as dead as I feared I might be. I'm going back tomorrow, when I suspect some things will be easier, but some things will be harder going as I pick up speed.

Popped in at knitting to say hello and let my friends there know how it went, but I didn't have it in me to hang about and knit. Which is a shame, but never mind. Maybe once I'm more used to the nature of the work, I'll be able to go and knit as well.

Dinner and an early night I think, and a long soak in the bath tomorrow morning.


Maggie said...

Oh well done! So glad to hear it all went OK. :-)

Hugs from grey and chilly Liverpool

Mary said...

Thanks :)

The long soak in the bath has helped no end. Also proper application of tea and hobnobs.

I'm still sore, and I'm still a bit anxious about long-term, but I can probably get through today.

Anonymous said...

*contemplates improper application of tea and hobnobs*

*applies limes instead*


Anonymous said...

Well done, Mary! You should be very proud.

seahorse said...

Mary, when I haven't visited a site for a while invariably I find major stuff has happened. This is major in a very major way indeed. Congratulations.

Mary said...

Ithangyew, ithangyew. :)