Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Another day, another lovely breakfast

and then after having a cuddle and watching the news for a bit to let breakfast settle, we went down to the hotel Country Club to see about a swim.

Plan was that, since I would need Steve to help me with taking a shower and getting changed and so on, and they don't have a designated Disabled changing room, and things might be a bit awkward with me being in the Mens changing room or him being in the Ladies, that we would be allowed to use the Ladies Golf changing room, which also has a door to the pool but is a lot less busy. The few ladies who do use it basically just pop in to change their shoes and pop stuff in a locker - when they went to the desk for the security code for the day, they would be advised that their changing room was doubling as a disabled changing room for the morning and to be aware that there might be a man in there but that he was there as a carer for a disabled woman.

We didn't encounter any female golfers, and although there were a couple of hitches - first we were given the wrong security code for the door Into the room, and then the door Out (to the pool) was locked, so Steve had to get dressed again and go fetch someone to let us out - it worked well. Not as well as if they'd had a proper changing room with grab rails and so on, but let's face it, the DDA has only been on the statute books for 11 years, and only actual LAW since October 2004, why should a large hotel chain like Marriott be complying with it already?

Having a swim and a jacuzzi was great. I feel so much lighter in water, and the warmth helps my muscles. Then I relaxed on a sun-lounger while Steve swam some lengths, we got changed, and went and had a drink in the bar and read the Times, very civilised. Then a bit of a rest in the room before going to the Trafford Centre for lunch and shopping.

At the Trafford Centre, AVOID the Cathay Dim Sum chinese restaurant, they gave me food poisoning. Other than that, we shopped and had a lovely time. I got a new skirt and a new top and a new hat and a new camera case, and Steve got some mosquito repellant and some carabiner clips (ok, not so exciting).

The Trafford Centre is great for access. Some of the shops are a bit pants, especially if you have trouble with headaches or hearing - they play their music too loud, they put extra displays in the aisles so wheelchairs can't get through, they have stands that are so high that a person in a wheelchair can't see anything at all - but the centre itself is good. And enormous!

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