Friday, June 23, 2006

New Symptom

or, new manifestation of an old symptom...

CRAMP in the FACE.

This is Not Fun.

I get a lot of cramp anyway, all over the place. The pain level isn't so bad compared to the other pains I get, but it does tend to come on by surprise which is annoying. Thus far the worst place for it was in my back - the first couple of times that one happened I was terrified because I thought I couldn't breathe so I ended up having a panic attack on top of it. But in my face??? Why should my face get cramp? First thing in the morning?

I'm chalking it up as another reason why I should definitely have a baby - I can entertain it with funky facial expressions...

1 comment:

Jesse said...

Well... Well... Well...
I hope that the future baby of yours will not be terrified with your 'overly funky face expression'!

I've been having lots of leg cramp myself since the past week. LOL - it somehow makes me feel as if I'm a footballer playing football for my nation. But the true thing that I do is actually sleeping on this not-so-comfortable bed and woke up every morning with this damn (am I allowed to say this here :P) leg cramp!

You're definitely right, it's not fun. I'm glad that I only have back pain, and not back cramp - err... not so sure how it feels like!

Well Mary, wish you have a good day and... ehem... have some fun no matter what, eh?