Sunday, June 11, 2006

Drive in the country

Greg's car
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Saturday afternoon saw more gorgeous weather, and there was some sort of sporting event on as well. My friend Greg was as keen as I was to avoid the football, so he came round with his son in his car (pictured) and we went for a nice drive round country back-roads in search of a pub that had no England flags on it.

Our quest was rewarded at the Geldeston Lock, which is one of those pubs which only got electricity in the last decade when it had a generator installed out the back, it's that remote. It was a wonderful, idyllic day in the countryside, and it was nice to catch up with Greg again as I've not seen him in a few months (I mean in real life rather than online).

After a while we went back to his house and I had a bit of a nap. Then we all went out to Pizza Hut for dinner. Halfway through, my arms stopped working and I dropped my slice of pizza, and I had to just sit there with my arms dangling by my sides, waiting for enough strength to come back for me to be able to keep eating.

It's okay when that happens with Steve - I don't have to explain or anything. Greg sort of gets it, but wasn't entirely sure what to do. I tried to make it easier by joking, but mini-Greg is seven years old and therefore very interested in everything. I explained that my arms weren't working, and that I would have to wait a while before I could pick up my pizza again. Bless him, he got my walking stick and started chattering about how maybe as I use it as an extra leg I could use it as an extra arm... I'm not sure how I would do that though!

Finished dinner and Greg dropped me straight off at home so I could get some proper sleep in. That helped. I still miss Steve being around when I go to sleep though.

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