Sunday, June 18, 2006

Not sure how I feel about this

New Scientist article

Thanks to The Goldfish for this link.

I've always been very focused on "well, ME/CFS is a bugger, but at least it can't kill me..."

May add more to this post later.


Anonymous said...


just to let you know that ipswich has a good system for hiring the disabled 'go-karts', good for parking, use the park and ride, the buses are 'disabled friendly', also, once here ipswich shopping centre is all on the same level, no hills etc. another thing is that the shops are pretty good aswell!

The Goldfish said...

Death from ME and CFS is still very rare, as it is in MS and other conditions. And usually it only effects older people. Statistically, you have a much better chance of entering 100% remission, than you are to be killed by this thing.

I am kind of sorry for mentioning this because I'm somewhat further along the road than you. If you want to talk about this, feel free to e-mail me

Anonymous said...

There is more about this death from CFS here, look at the right hand side of this webpage

It is not the first death, it is just the first Official death

An ME group for the severely affected

Mary said...

I've calmed down considerably - not that I was hugely stressing, so please don't worry.

The bit that was getting me was that Sophia died aged 32 and had apparently had ME for 6 years, in other words she got it when she was 26. I got it when I was 23, so that's not a huge difference... but yeah, in all honesty there's a lot of other things will have plenty of opportunity to kill me before ME gets a chance.

I think it startled Steve a bit, but we had a nice long cuddle and all is well. :)