Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Steve told me he knew someone who lived in the area and that we'd just pop in for a cuppa. Ok, fair enough... we walked towards a house and suddenly, THE BEAR! I actually audibly shrieked and jiggled! Turns out that it was his girlfriend's house, and he was there with his two littlest sons for the day, so Steve and him had planned to surprise me. They definitely managed that!

We had a great afternoon in the garden there. They had a big tent set up for the boys to nap and play in the shade, and a nice big grassy garden. Ann (The Bear's girlfriend) was very much the attentive hostess, constantly offering drinks and food and icecream and so on. We took a few photos and videos, but we were more intent on enjoying the day rather than turning it into a photoshoot. There was a barbecue and deckchairs and all in all, it was just a wonderful summer day. I ran out of energy at about the same time as The Bear had to take the bearcubs back to their mum, so we headed off back to the hotel for a sleep.

This evening we've continued in our "very relaxing" theme, with a nice carvery roast dinner and a Gorgeous dessert (with icecream and bananas and cream and nuts and CHOCOLATE SAUCE), and a stroll around the park here. We've also been to the leisure facilities bit to ask about accessibility, and it seems that should work out - although it's a good thing we asked as there will need to be a couple of additional arrangements, we can't just turn up and go. See how that works out.

Now, I have more important things to attend to than blogging!

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