Thursday, June 01, 2006


Steve is an evil sod and has just nearly made me throw up my pizza through laughing too much...

He was filling in a survey online to win an iPod video or something, and it wanted to know his occupation. Well, he's a network monkey. And now he won't stop saying "mon-KEY! mon-KEY!!!" and cackling.

There's no question about why I love this man :) :) :)


Anonymous said...

mon-KEY! mon-KEY!
*flings poo*

(the reason she loves me apparently has something to do with my unfeasibly large... silly hat collection. or something along those lines, I believe)

(network monkey)

Mary said...

*gets giggles all over again*

Mary said...

There's got to be something special about a couple who can spend a snuggly evening on the sofa together with pizza and two laptops on the go. :)

Katie said...

Hi Mary!

Just came over from Ouch to sat hello! Hope you enjoy sitting and relaxing with your man bit as for his humour, that's what makes us women love them so much!

Hope he wins!

See you on Ouch soon!


(Ha!ha!You know my real name now!)

jfsouthpaw said...


(Ducks as poo flies past and splats on the wall.)