Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Scaring Mr Stevie

Today has been one of Those Days. You know the ones. I think it's probably because of the weather - it finally persisted it down this afternoon/evening, and changes in the weather always affect me quite a bit. Anyway, whatever the cause, I haven't been able to nap properly, I've been really stressed and restless and jumpy and getting fretful about the tiniest, stupidest little things, and that probaby contributed to what happened this evening.

Steve and I decided to pop out to Frankie & Benny's for dinner, which is something we do on a fairly regular basis when neither of us is really up to cooking and we're not looking to do the whole "dress up a bit and go to a nice restaurant" thing, we just want a hot meal and one up from a McDonalds. The meal itself was disappointing tonight, it was practically swimming in grease, but at least the staff are nice and friendly.

By the time we'd finished eating, I was at the end of my endurance, feeling really dizzy and looking forward to going home. Steve helped me up and we left the restaurant, the car was parked just a few metres from the door. But in those few metres the cool air hit me.

I collapsed.

I collapsed right onto the hard, cold, wet, dirty paving of the carpark.

Ow. Yuk. Shiver. Ow.

I didn't realise until tonight that Steve hasn't seen me collapse outside before. He's seen it happen indoors, but not outdoors, and for some reason it scared him more. I suppose there are advantages and disadvantages to each. Indoors is more likely to be warm, clean, dry, comfortable, familiar, with carpets and seats and so on and less passing cars. There's also a degree of privacy. Outdoors however, there's less objects with sharp corners to bash yourself on, there's often a handy passer-by to offer assistance if you're by yourself, and it's not *always* cold and wet.

Of the two, indoors is preferable, but outdoors isn't that hugely different except the bruising may be a bit worse. It's really shaken Steve though, and I don't know how to make it better for him.

Things are just all aargh in my head right now.

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dominocat said...

sweetie, I think all you need to say is that he was there, and that's important. It's vaguely like when I have a PA outside, my Steve just being there is enough to help, rather than me being on my own.

I know you hug him to infinity anyway, but would you give him a nice big hug from me?

Take care, chick...